Sunday, June 10, 2012

Challenge 9- Swiffer Wet-Jet Unlocked

So my parents came into town on Thursday and I THOUGHT this would be the perfect opportunity to try a couple different Pinterest ideas, and as much as it would have been a great opportunity I bet you can guess how many Pinterest ideas got accomplished...0. I bought supplies for a few and had ingredients for a few but we just got too caught up in visiting and site seeing that none of them got done. Thankfully my wonderful husband had seen an idea on his Pinterest board that he thought we could try, and it worked out great.

Our apartment has laminate floors in every room except the bedrooms and I had re-invested (I got rid of mine when we moved into our house which was almost all carpet) in a Swiffer Wet-Jet after we moved in. Anyone with a Wet-Jet knows that when you run out of fluid you have to buy a new bottle and spend $3.00-$4.00 dollars each time. A very bright blogger at tried out a method of taking the plastic cap off of bottle so that you could refill it with cheaper floor cleaner and save money as well as being earth friendly.
Step 1: Boil Water

Step 2: Place empty Swiffer container in boiling water seal down for twenty seconds

Step 3: Turn cap counter-clockwise (with a bit of force but you shouldn't have to struggle too much)
Step 4: Use Exacto knife or other utility knife and small pliers (I had a willing husband to do this part for me) to remove the plastic notches so that the cap can now be repeatedly screwed and unscrewed
Step 5: Add in floor cleaner (I had Lysol) and water, screw cap back on as tightly as possible, and place back in Swiffer Wet Jet like normal.
This worked out great and I am happy that I'll be able to save money using other cheaper (and just as good) floor cleaners. We tried it out on a small section of our kitchen floor and it cleaned it as well as if I had used the Swiffer formula. I might even try some of the eco-friendly floor cleaning solutions I have seen on Pinterest in this as well. Another pin for another day I guess.

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