Saturday, June 30, 2012

Challenge 20-Nutella Fudge Popsicles (or how a fail can still be a win)

I cannot believe that is has taken me 20 Pinterest experiments to finally try one using the wonderful, amazing, delicious, true nectar of the Gods...NUTELLA. I figure my will power has been turned up to 11 to have gone this long, not to mention and the amount of Nutella is minimal (compared to other recipes I have pinned). You'll need 3 ingredients: 1/2 cup of milk (any type, I used 1% because it's what we keep in the house), 1 cup of Cool Whip (I used Target brand and light), and 3 tablespoons Nutella.
You will also need a blending device (I have a Ninja system) and ice pop molds. Put all of the ingredients in the blending device and mix together until it looks like the consistency of thick chocolate milk. Pour the mix into your ice pop mold and put them in the freezer. My mold holds eight small sized pops and I had a little mix left after I filled them all up.
I put them in the freezer around 11:00am and didn't touch them again until 8:30pm. Now I could blame the Dollar Tree ice pop molds for what happens next but I reserve judgment until I test them with real ice pops. I took them out of the freezer, gave them a little time to thaw and tried to pull them out and surprise the holder came out but the fudge pop stayed right where it was. I'm not sure what type of ice pop mold the original pinner used, but it certainly wasn't these.
Now normally I would consider this process a Pinterest fail, however one thing keeps this from being a total failure-They are delicious (which you can tell from the picture after I had taste tested the one on the top left) They taste a bit like chocolate gelato but you still get a hint of the hazelnut from the Nutella. They are very light and fluffy and just wonderful.

I did a rough estimate on calories and the whole mixture was around 575 calories, which was all eight pops plus a little extra. Next time I will just make the mix and put in in a bowl in the freezer so I wouldn't have to eat them with a butter knife like I had to with this batch. They may work better with some type of silicon ice pop apparatus, and I would love to know if anyone got these to come out in ice pop form. However, it is no matter since they are delicious and it will be a struggle to keep me and my butter knife out of the freezer for the next few days.

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