Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Challenge 17-Tequila Soaked Watermelon (and why I need to be more careful with what I pin)

So while in Memphis, the ladies and I were convinced (me more than the other 2) that we needed to do a pin while we were all there. I mentioned having one about watermelon soaked in tequila for a alternative to watermelon margaritas. We had the watermelon, we had the tequila, and we had the margarita salt so what could go wrong (famous last words). Well when your pin doesn't have instructions (I know, I know I need to be more careful what I pin but where is the fun in that) you have to make some stuff up on the fly and that's when it can get a little shady.

We cut the watermelon into triangles, three slices thin and three slices thick (I was with two scientists, we had to cover our bases) and a dipped them in a small bowl of the tequila. We weren't sure how long to soak them so we decided on about a minute because we could see how quickly the watermelon was soaking up the tequila.
We soaked the larger slices about a minute longer than the thin trying to give both a fair shake at even tequila soakage. With then sprinkled on the margarita salt for the finish.
I only wish I had a picture of the faces we made because that would have been priceless. The ouside of the watermelon tasted like tequila and salt (no big shock there) but the salt was super strong and almost no watermelon taste came through. The thicker slices were more watermelony but it was still a tequila and salt taste in your mouth first and after that the watermelon taste. I would have much rather made a watermelon margarita in the blender or just done a shot of tequila and then ate some watermelon.

After doing some research on the particular pin I have found there is a better recipe from Martha Stewart that involves triple sec and other ingredients that I believe (I haven't tried it...yet) that would probably be much tastier. http://www.marthastewart.com/315329/tequila-soaked-watermelon-wedges . Let this be a lesson to those pinners who only pin recipes that are pictures (myself included), not everything will come out well if it doesn't involved specific instructions.

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