Friday, June 29, 2012

Challenge 19- Greek Yogurt Covered Frozen Blueberries-Great in theory, in practice that depends on you.

I like pins that are easy, take few ingredients, and are healthy. This pin was all three so I knew it was going to have to part of my challenge, especially when blueberries have finally become reasonably priced at the grocery store. The idea is simple, dip blueberries in honey Greek yogurt then freeze them and them bam, you have an easy snack when you're craving something cold and sweet.

This pin sounds great but there one small caveat, your particular affection for Greek yogurt. I have tried to jump on this bandwagon a few times and have been disappointed every time (I believe I described the Yoplait honey Greek yogurt tasting like how feet smelled on Facebook once). One of my friends recommended the Greek Gods brand and it has been the ONE brand of Greek yogurt I can stomach, the rest have tasted more like eating a big spoonful of sour cream. That being said I decided (or was forced by laziness) again to expand my Greek yogurt tastes and buy a different brand (Target doesn't carry my Greek Gods-brand-insert sad face here).

Not to offend and Chobani supporters but this is DEFINIETLY not as good as The Greek Gods brand, however not the worst I have tried (I'm looking at you Yoplait) it most definitely stands in the middle by taste. After tasting the yogurt, decided on a taste test comparing the Greek yogurt covered blueberries to blueberries covered in my Archer Farms brand light Vanilla (best 80 calorie no Aspartame yogurt on the market). I grabbed my toothpicks and started dipping.
Although this process is not difficult, it is time consuming and I got bored fairly quickly. You stab the blueberry, dunk it and swirl it in the yogurt (you will lose a few blueberries and have to use your toothpick to retrieve them from their yogurt prison), then use a second toothpick to push the blueberry off of the dipping toothpick. You'll probably need a paper towel to wipe the toothpicks or use new ones every so often. I filled up most of a small wax papered covered cookie sheet and I still wasn't half through the blueberry pint.

The Greek yogurt ones were definitely better covered but even with my best efforts they didn't look as good as the pinned picture. The regular yogurt ones weren't as well covered but that yogurt is a heck of a lot thinner. In the freezer they went and after about an hour they were frozen completely
Greek yogurt on the left regular on the right
Here are my observations; 1st Freezing Greek yogurt is not going to magically change its taste, it’s still Greek yogurt only colder (and with some freezer burn like marks from the water in the yogurt crystallizing), 2nd I forgot how much I hate biting into frozen things (I have ridiculously sensitive teeth), and 3rd because of my first observation I enjoyed the regular yogurt dipped ones better.
These are what they are and for some people they would make a great healthy snack, however with the amount of time it takes to dip blueberries and how quickly the yogurt starts to melt (seriously eat these super-fast, the yogurt goes back to its semi-solid state in like less than 5 minutes out of the freezer) I don't believe these are worth the effort. I believe I would much rather throw some fresh blueberries into a cup of my Archer Farms Lite Vanilla (or my The Greek Gods honey vanilla the mood strikes me) and eat them that way.
I have one hint for my next involves Nutella!!!!

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