Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 7 Weigh-In: Well Deserved Good News and My Week in Review

This week was pretty awesome! I celebrated my 7 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband on the 8th, as well as our 10 years as a couple milestone on the 11th. Last year we spent our anniversary in Ohio being nostalgic and checking out all of the places that we used to hang out and all of our old apartments. Since we were in town this year (and had the baby with us) we decided to do a nostalgic Fort Worth tour. We went to the donut shop with the BEST sausage rolls, drove by our first apartment, ate and shopped and Central Market, and had dinner at Risky's Barbecue on Camp Bowie. All and all it was a pretty great day and we were happy to have the trip down memory lane. The other great thing that happened this week was when I stepped on the scale Saturday morning.

I was shocked! I mean exercise wise I did great. I worked out with Jillian 3 days on the week 2 section of Ripped in 30 and I ran my three days of Couch to 5K. Food tracking wise I was definitely lacking. I had a couple of good days and a couple of days where I didn't track past breakfast. I tried to eat healthy and I have been getting really good at portion control. I was hoping for a 1.5 loss but a 4 pound one was not expected. I got on the scale a few times and even got on later to make sure the calculation was still close. I am so excited to get past this first milestone and even more excited for my body wrap! I have been hunting for deals on Groupon, I'm going to keep my eyes open this week and if I don't find anything I'll just suck it up and pay full price (and there will be pictures, I promise).

That number on the scale was an awesome kick in the pants because I was starting to feel like I wanted to give up. It is so hard to not give into temptations, and get moving when it was so easy to sit idle. The .2 pounds last week was gut wrenching but I forced myself to keep going. I ran for 25 minutes straight this week and starting tomorrow Couch to 5K is forcing me to do 28 minutes and I am ready (the cooler weather isn't hurting either). I want to see what I am made of, to feel what its like to make your body do something less than 3 months ago it couldn't. If anyone reading this is struggling with their own weight loss demons, I am with you! I struggle every day, I have setbacks, I make bad decisions, but I am going to keep going and so can you. I have lost 12 pounds and I have 38 left to go, I am no where near my goal but I am a hell of a lot closer than I was 7 weeks ago.

So what else happened this week?

Greatest sausage roll (kolache) in Fort Worth (around 280 calories and worth every single one)
Yoko Donuts, home of the greatest sausage rolls in Fort Worth (On North Bryant Irvin near the corner of Camp Bowie and Bryant Irvin)
We used to live here (the second floor apartment)

E and Snowflake worked on rolling over

K and I got new library books

It rained (all day, in Texas, in July)

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