Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Dawn Stain Removing Challenge

I'm sure you all have seen the pins stating that Dawn and hydrogen peroxide are absolute best clothing stain removers on the planet. I knew at some point I would have to test this one, since I have 3 great stain creators living in my house. I usually don't buy Dawn, only because I'm cheap, but it was .99 at Walgreen's last week so I thought this could be the week I give it a shot.

The instructions are pretty simple, mix 1/4 cup Dawn to 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide in a container or spray bottle, scrub (or spray) the mix onto the stain, let set overnight, and wash as normal. Different bloggers have done this challenge with a multitude of different types of stains, but I had seen in a few pins the claim that this mix could eradicate old nasty pit stains from undershirts and I just happened to have that type of undershirt sitting in my laundry basket. Also, having a 3 month old means have an occasional poop-splosion stain to deal with. I am apologizing upfront for you having to look at my husband's pit stained t-shirt and a poop stained onesie of my son's.

In goes the peroxide (1/2 cup)

Dawn pouring action shot

Nasty pit stain

Small poop-splosion

Different pins go about this part differently, some saw put it in a spray bottle and spray in on, some saw scrub it. I chose to scrub them to hopefully get the best results

The Results: After scrubbing I let them sit overnight and washed them with a small load on a perm press cycle using All Free and Clear as my detergent. Here is what I found

The mixture most definitely got out the poop stain, there was not a trace to be found. This was a fresh stain and I have yet to try this on a set in stain (but I will). On the pit stain, I will say there is noticeable difference in the stain but it is not gone (it is kind of hard to tell in the picture). These stains are old and set in and I think other than a bleach, there probably wouldn't be anything else that would get these stains out. I think this is a great stain removing idea and much cheaper than buying Shout or the other spray stain removers. I wouldn't tout it as a miracle remover but it is a cheap and effective stain remover to keep around the house. I will probably put what I have left in a spray bottle and keep it in my laundry room cupboards, but I will probably still scrub at it after I spray. I dare you to try this on your next stains and see if it works and let me know. I'm sure there are stains it has no effect on and I would like to know what it works on and what it doesn't, or if you have an even better stain remover that Pinterest hasn't heard about yet.

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  1. This looks amazing. I hate stains (who doesn't) and I really love your post. It's going to favourites right away!