Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 4 Weigh In and My Week in Review

Week 4 most definitely presented some challenges in trying to be good and stick to the program. Joe's Father's Day cake was in my house until Wednesday and every time I stepped into the kitchen I could hear it calling to me "I'm so tasty, you know you want a bite". I have realized in my attempts to eat healthier that I have trigger foods, foods that if they are around me I will eat them with little to no control over portion (or good manners). Chocolate is enemy #1, I can not have chocolate bars, chips, or chunks in my house unless I am baking something that day for an event. I have eaten an entire bag of chocolate chips in a few days, sneaking to the pantry for small handfuls throughout the day. Cookies are trigger #2 and cake is #3. I have been known to sneak up to many a cake with a fork, take a bite, and come back an hour later to do it again (with a clean fork of course). Then what seems like a little taste of cake has turned into a huge chunk gone. I was pretty good around this cake but I wasn't innocent (a few forks were dirtied over the course of those few days) and I felt like I won a small victory over one of my food nemeses.

I also went out to one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Worth for dinner on Friday night (Daddy Jacks in Sundance Square) to have a Mommies Night Out dinner. DJ's is a really great seafood restaurant and they have the BEST lobster bisque I have ever had. Knowing that I would be eating out on Friday I ate light at the beginning of the day and ordered the veggie platter with my bisque instead of a full meal. Everything about the dinner was great (company included) and we had a great time after dinner at Pete's Piano Bar. I was a little worried about doing my weigh in Saturday morning after indulging the night before but I have been doing my weigh in's on Saturdays and I didn't want to change up the schedule. I crossed my fingers and prayed for the best.
I had started the Ripped in 30 Jillian Michael's DVD and ran my couch to 5K on Sunday and Thursday. I was thrilled to see a decent drop in the scale, especially with the whole cake residency and indulgent night before. That made a 1.8 pound drop for the week, and only 3.8 pounds to go for my first goal level. I'm going to try and be more straight and narrow this week because I really want to hit that first 10 pound marker ASAP. This does go to show that you can have cheat days and days where you don't count every calorie, as long as its balanced with exercise and mostly healthy eating. My other exciting news for the week is a signed up for my first official 5K.

The Firecracker 5000 is on the morning of the 4th of July here in Fort Worth. I will coincide with my completion of the Couch to 5K program and I figured it would be a great way to celebrate accomplishing that milestone. I don't expect a good time and finishing without passing out is my only goal, that an actually finishing a 5K and not an accidentally running a 10K (see that story here I am excited to do this only 10 weeks after having a baby and really proud of myself for pulling the trigger and signing up. I will definitely post pictures and let everyone know how it went. Here are a few pictures from my week.
Supporting the Rangers in their series against the A's

Excuse me miss, do you know how fast you were going?

Trying my paelo chocolate recipe with Rice Krispies (super yummy, but not so much paelo anymore)

Great seats at Pete's Piano Bar

Hopping crowd after midnight on Friday night

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