Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 3 Weigh In, My Week in Review, and Why My Feet are a Pinterest Sensation

This was a pretty awesome week for me, and it was a great kick-off to summer. I ran at 7am this week on Monday and Thursday (Thanks Z for making me get up and going), two evening runs (which were miserable and humid), and one session with Jillian. I spent Tuesday night with some great ladies at Rangers stadium on my first evening out since E was born 8 weeks ago. The Rangers lost and we didn't get a Yu bobblehead (much to a certain 9 year old's dismay) but we had a great time. Thursday night I got to see my absolute favorite author/memorist Jen Lancaster at a book signing in Dallas. This is the second time I have made the pilgrimage to north Dallas in afternoon traffic and she did not disappoint. If you haven't read anything by her I absolutely recommend trying her out, she is wonderfully sarcastic and self deprecating (in the best way possible). When I found out about her book The Tao of Martha last year I was inspired to start this blog, and the book did not disappoint.

So on to the weigh in, as mentioned above I went out both Tuesday and Thursday night and as much as I tried to be good it was a challenge. I knew this week would be interesting at weigh in, but I figured if I could just maintain I could probably consider it a minor win.
.6 pounds is kind of sad, even though I know with all the eating out I did this week I am lucky it wasn't a push or a gain. My husband gave me the muscle vs fat pep talk but only seeing the scale move that much was frustrating. I guess that's what I get for only working with Jillian once this week. I am going to work on eating home more this week and try to get Jillian in at least 3 days this week.

The last part of the post title might be confusing but something pretty cool involving my blog and my feet has been happening the last two week. The vinegar and Listerine blog post has been really popular this week, like REALLY popular. My average post view per week is something 20-30 (more if its a recipe post) but this week alone that post has been viewed over 3,000 times. I've starting getting people to post comments, and more people are following my Pinterest boards and Instagram account. I'm starting to feel like a real blogger and not just someone writing to entertain myself and my friends. The next thing I'm working on is finding a small business owners to donate something for a giveaway so I can start doing those as well. I have a few ideas but any suggestions are appreciated. Below are some great pictures from my awesome week!
Happy me during the 3rd inning

Sad me after the Rangers lost (girl behind me doesn't look happy about it either)

The man eating tarantula I saw on my Wednesday night run

My favorite author reading from her new book The Tao of Martha (seriously you should buy it, she is hilarious)

Getting two of my Jen Lancaster books signed

Just because he's adorable


  1. Please tell me that spider was in Texas and not Northern Ohio...! I'm from that neck of the woods, and have ended up in Alabama with all types of "interesting" wild life.

    1. Nope that was in good old N. Texas! It's the second wild tarantula I have come across since we moved here 7 years ago. I'm from N.E. Ohio and never came across a spider bigger than a Daddy Long Leg. We apparently do do things bigger in Texas