Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Pinterest Style

Pinterest is has plethora of ideas for every major holiday, even those lacking any type of creative ability could stumble upon a great gift idea for the someone(s) in their lives. Father's Day is no exception. I came across some really cute ideas for my husband, and now that our daughter is older she can help make some of them, which makes both of us very happy.

I would like to claim hipster status on the first gift because I have been doing this for the past three years (though I got the idea from a parenting magazine in 2010.) I bought two wooden letter D's and a wooden A from Micheal's and took pictures of K holding each (usually over the course of a few days in different outfits). I bought a picture frame that had space for 3 portrait style 4x6 pictures and put the pictures in the frame spelling out DAD. It is really cool to compare the pictures from one year to the next and when she gets older I plan on making a large collage with them.
Last year versus the year

In the frame
I also decided to get E in on the action and tried something a little different, I hope to make this a yearly gift as well.
I happened to see a Dad questionnaire and pinned it, thinking that K's answers right now would probably be pretty funny and Joe would appreciate seeing how well his daughter (thought she) knew him. I got the questionnaire from and this would also be a cool gift to do for a Dad's birthday as well.
I asked her the questions and wrote them myself, I will definitely do this again next year and see how the answers (and her drawing) change.

K wanted to make her Dad a card and I thought we would try a non traditional one I pinned. You just have to trace the child's hands, cut them out, accordion fold a large strip of paper, and a little glue later you have a very cool personal card.
Got to love when my feet make a post appearance
 Lastly K and I decided to make Dad a cake. He is a pretty easy guy to please so he just wanted a simple frosted yellow cake. I chose a bundt cake pan and when I was going to ice it I got lazy. I read on a pin that you can microwave the frosting tubs for 15 seconds and just pour the icing on then spread it. I didn't follow the pins exact advice and it showed. I let K sprinkle the crap out of it with all of the different holiday sprinkles we had left in the cabinet. When we were done we dubbed the cake "Ugly Cake". Taste wise it was your typical boxed cake but it definitely lives up to its name. We decided to make ugly cake a Father's Day tradition. In the end Joe had a great Father's Day and we spent a great Sunday hanging out together. I am excited to see what the kids and I make next year and the awesome memories we will make in the process. Happy belated Father's Day to all those great Dad's and Dad-like figures out there!
Ugly Cake in all its glory!

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