Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Coconut Oil Challenge (and Warm Fuzzies) update

I've tried a few new coconut oil uses from the 52 uses list (http://www.poshglam.com/experimental-beauty-coconut-oil-for-dieting-moisturizing-wellness/) and thought I would quickly share my results.

11. Use a tiny dab on your underarms for a natural deodorant- So I tried this one on a weekend in case it failed me and I ended up starting to smell a little less than fresh. The oil starts out solid but with a little body heat very quickly turns into clear oil. I rubbed about a dime sized amount on both armpits and it seemed to cover it well. The coconut oil has no distinct smell and after checking it about an hour later I hadn't yet got a whiff of any BO. Now an anti-perspirant this is not and I am almost 8 months pregnant so sweating is a pretty normal occurrence. About 3 hours in I needed more coconut oil, and after 6 hours I went ahead and put my normal Degree back on. If I was super into holistic living or completely out of my normal deodorant (and my husbands) I could use this in a pinch, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use.

12. Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream- I had taken a bath and thought I would give this one a shot. I rubbed about a quarter sized amount of the solid oil on each leg and used my Venus razor. This went well and my legs did feel very nice after I had finished shaving them. The razor I use does have moisturizing bars on the top and bottom, so all the credit should probably not be given to the oil. I ended up making the bathwater oily as well so I quickly rinsed off in the shower when I was finished. I might try this again, especially if I was giving myself a little home spa day as my legs did end up feeling really nice after I was done.

50. Massage into your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them- I have been using the coconut oil as a hand moisturizer and I really like how my hands feel. It leave the hands pretty oily at first, but it quickly dries (even faster than your typical hand moisturizer). I have been applying extra to my nails and cuticles for about a week, but I can't with certainty say they are any stronger. However, my cuticles look healthier and it has helped with the dry skin that leads to hang nails. A bonus has been the oil makes it easier to slip on my wedding rings after my shower, as my fingers are starting to swell a bit (again almost 8 months pregnant) and my rings are starting to get a bit tight.

On a random note, I have found (by accident) that my cats at least think the coconut oil tastes good. How did I find this out you may wonder. Well both of them at different times have come up to me and licked my hands shortly after moisturizing them. One of them actually woke me up in the middle of the night licking my hand. It was off putting to say the least, and I plan on seeing if they are just acting weird or if they actually do enjoy the taste of coconut oil that much.

On a Warm Fuzzies note, I happened to find an awesome t-shirt on Woot.com that I thought fit one my librarian friends. I don't always intended to spend money of stuff for my friends but sometimes when something fits a person so well, you can't help but buy it. I have a few more warm fuzzies planned for this month as I know the more pregnant I get the less time I'll have to put different things together. I am really enjoying this resolution and can't wait to get to everyone on my list.

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