Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 10 Weigh-In and My 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge or Why My Thighs Hate Me

I started this entry yesterday, got the title done and then got distracted with normal mom of a infant stuff. It is now currently a half an hour into nap time and we are giving it another go. Summer is winding down and I have been getting a little stir crazy. I love being home with E all day but I also LOVE my job and I am a little itchy to get back. I have a million ideas for this school year and I just want to hit the ground running, without the pesky morning sickness that slowed me down last fall. I really wanted to be back into my old work clothes by the time I got back to school, but unfortunately I don't see that happening (not without a wicked stomach bug, which I am not advocating). I know I have made huge strides in the last 14 weeks but I have gotten stuck in a rut. I am still doing OK in eating but I stopped tracking weeks ago and now that Couch to 5K is finished I felt a little lost. The last few days of July I was hunting Pinterest for some sort of challenge or new workout routine and I came across two different 30 day challenges I wanted to try. I still want to keep running (but only at the gym until this heat wave that we in North Texas call August is over) but I needed something else and these fit the bill. (I take no credit for the images but there was no referring webpage for either.)

What I like about these challenges is that you have all day to complete it, so your not stuck trying to get in 70 squats in half an hour. That being said, you have to remember to do them throughout the day or you will be stuck doing them all right before you go to bed (like I did on day 5). I am on day 7 and the squats are killer and the planks suck as well. I hope to see a change but at the moment the only change I've noticed is how sore my thighs and bum are (no pain no gain right). The scale this week was kind and it was appreciated with as little as I felt I got accomplished.

This make a 2.2 pound loss for the week and only 2.4 pounds until my the 20 pound weight loss mark. I hope I can get my butt in gear this week and make it happen. I have to go clothes shopping next week for some new work clothes and I'm not thrilled in the sizes I'll have to buy, but I still had a big personal accomplishment this week. I actually fit into a pair of me pre-baby fat jeans and I haven't had to wear the pants of shame in 2 weeks. I still wear a pair of capri maternity pants but mostly because I'm cheap and haven't wanted to go shopping yet. I can't wait to kick it in gear the rest of the week and see that scale on Saturday.

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