Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Extended Absence...but I Think You Will Forgive Me

So it's been a few weeks since I posted anything, but like my last extended blogging absence I have a very good (and adorable) excuse. My husband and I were blessed with a 8 pound 9 oz baby boy on April 21st. Evan James made his appearance fairly quickly (after an induction due to being 5 days past his due date) at 1:11pm after I received my first dose of pitocin at 7:00am that morning.
We have been spending the last three week adjusting to our new addition and having visits from Grandma's and Nana's. K absolutely loves her new brother and constantly wants to hold him and gets upset that right now only Mommy can feed him.
We have gotten down a pretty good rhythm and he his sleeping well for a newborn and gaining weight like a champ. His one month appointment is next week and I am excited to see how much he's grown. It has been an amazing transition from one kid to two and I am so glad we waited until K was more independent to have another baby. I give mom's who have their kiddos close together major props, but K was a difficult baby and toddler and adding a newborn in with her at that age would have been a recipe for disaster.
I'll leave you for now with my attempt at recreating a picture I saw on Pinterest. I first have to confess that I am a terrible photographer. I really want to take a digital photography class soon to get better but for now I am completely unskilled. Here is the original:
Here is my interpretation (or photo fail)

Using a sleeping baby may have been easier and the my daughter's 3D glasses with the lens' popped out were way to big. He still looks super cute so I guess it's not a total fail. I can't wait to inundate you with more cute pictures, however I plan on continuing my Pinterest endeavors as well as adding in my attempt to lose the baby weight (of which there was a lot) and get ready for my first 5K since pregnancy in September. I also am starting a half marathon training program as soon as I get the go ahead from my doctor, so it should be a busy summer for this momma. Stay Tuned!

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