Thursday, January 17, 2013

So I'm's been a busy 27 weeks, but it's still summer in my mind.

So I haven't posted anything on my blog is over 5 months, but I have a few fairly good reasons. The first being that my husband and I are expecting our second baby, a boy, in the middle of April.
My first trimester was rough. I was tired, constantly nauseous and didn't feel like doing much of anything including Pinteresting. I also started a brand new job, going from an elementary library position to one at a high school. Though the job change was great for me and the whole family, it kept me busy and focused on other non-bloggy things. Now at 27 weeks pregnant I am feeling better (although I resemble a waddling penguin more and more everyday) and I missed blogging and working on Pinteresty projects so I thought it would be agood time to start again. I hope to post a few times a week but I make no promises, especially once April gets here. 

I know the main goal of the blog was to try out Pinterest projects, and that will still be a huge part of what I do, but I have been wanting to do more with it (I mean I have other passions then just Pinteresting). What exactly that "more" entails I'm not exactly sure yet but I'm excited to see where it takes me. Fear not however, even during my 27 week sabbatical I have been trying Pinterest projects. Most of which have been food related (not that there is anything wrong with that) and they have turned out fairly well.
My witch's hats for K-bug's Halloween Party- As you can tell from the picture, a few cookies didn't make the final round.

My witch's brooms for K-bug's Halloween Party- This was harder than I expected, I split quite a few Reese Cups in the process of making these.

Window Display at work for Halloween

Snowman faces for K-Bug's Christmas Party 
(Super easy-powdered donuts, candy corn, and a icing bag with black icing)

Great app called Red Stamp that lets you create textable cards using pictures on your smart phone. This counts because I saw the app for the first time on Pinterest.

I am getting another post ready for later (I know 27 weeks off and then 2 posts in one night) and surprise, surprise it's a food pin. When something works, you should stick to it! 

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