Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mod Podge Superhero Collage...Say that 3 times fast

Challenge 34- Mod Podge Superhero Collage

Before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl, my husband and I decided that if the baby was a boy we were doing a Superhero themed nursery. I had been hunting around Pinterest for ideas, and came across  someone who had Mod Podged Spider-man comic book pages onto wooden letters and spelled out their son's name. I thought that was awesome and more original than just painting the name with a solid color or print. I had also pinned a website for MDF letters you could order online, that per letter were cheaper than the local craft stores and had a much larger variety of fonts. I ordered my MDF letters from in a Cosmic two font (we thought it looked the most comic book like) with a 3/8th of an inch thickness and 12 inches tall. The total came to 36.40 before shipping and I was amazingly pleased with the letters when I got them. They were high quality and exactly like I expected them to look. I highly recommend them if your in the market for any type of letters for any project.

Our cat Snowflake decided to get in on the picture

We went to our local Half Priced Books and I pursued the comic book section looking for comic books that I could use for my collage. We had decided to stick to DC comic characters for the collage because the wall art we are working on will also be DC (however we are in no means Marvel haters). I found about 8 Justice League comic books that I thought I would be able to get enough pictures from. I spent about an hour or so last night going through the comic books cutting out every picture I thought I could use. In the end I was glad we picked a short name because I had a sinking suspicion that I might not have enough pictures to fully cover all of my letters.

I got out my supplies which included: a trash bag to cover the table, 1 large container of Gloss Mod Podge, 1 medium sized craft paint brush, scissors, a wet wash cloth (to wipe glue off my hands), paper towels, and an Exacto knife (which I didn't think of until after I got started but was a lifesaver multiple times.

I enjoy doing collages, it's like a puzzle to me except I get to say where the pieces go instead of someone telling me where they should be. I dived in head first and started deciding where to put the pictures. It was challenging, especially the more I got done and the less pictures I had left. The great thing about wall letters is that no one sees the sides or the back, so you don't have to worry about anything but the front looking good. I would line the picture up, Mod Podge the letter, stick on the picture and then fold down and Mod Podge the sides down. I would do my best to flatten down the pictures to prevent bubbles and warping of them images but some bubbling and warping was inevitable. I just kept telling myself that those bubbles and warping gave the letters character and made to look authentic and not mass produced (it made me feel better about it).

Corners were difficult (using the Exacto knife helped a lot) and making sure all of the front of the letter was covered completely was challenging but for the most part it was just time consuming. I had to wipe my hands a lot and had to stop and peel glue for my fingers frequently, in the end it took me about 3 hours from first glued down picture to the last. I had just enough images (I had two to spare), and I was very happy with how they came out. They are obviously not up on the wall yet but I will post an update when we get them hung. I believe this could easily be done with book pages, scrapbook paper, or any type of paper that is thin enough to bend and fold easily. It was fun and I'm happy that I have some wall art in the baby's room that I created just for him.

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