Monday, July 30, 2012

First Guest Blog!!! Yeah Ms. Z-The Good, the Kinda Bad, and the Ugly

So we are officially moved into our new rental house. By moved in of course I mean all of our stuff is strewn about the house, boxes open, and all of our earthly possessions are in nonsensical locations. However, we have turned in the keys to our apartment so at least that is taken care of. Because of the move I have been unable to make any of my many pincreations for the last few days. Never fear because I have great friends I had a volunteer blogger who recreated some pins while she was on vacation in Cali the last few weeks. These are her words and pictures (with only a tiny bit of editing from me.) Enjoy!

Here's one of my pinterest attempts from this summer, and it's perfect for summer. I saw a pin about waffle ice cream sandwiches ( ) which led me to this blog of how to make cake in a waffle iron - also saw a pin for cookies made in the waffle iron. We tried this one the night after the waffle iron cakes. Here's the blog that I totally ignored but saw the photo from it -

So first the good (and easy)
Just mix a cake mix the way it says on the box and heat up the waffle iron. Spray the waffle iron right before you pour (we used Crisco butter flavor spray). The chocolate flavored waffle cakes were yummy! And without turning on the big ol' hot oven! These were very yummy and super easy!

Now - the ugly (and sorta bad):
We had pre-made cookie dough from Papa Murphy's and heated up the waffle iron. We sprayed it & scooped them on the waffle iron.
 Closed the lid & waited 2 minutes. 
More time was needed.

This is how the first two came out; broken & sad, but okay tasting. It was really hard to get these out - they just fell apart.
Here's how the last two turned out.  They came out a little easier but were a little well done. I prefer regular cookies to this. Maybe for dunking these would be perfect. Also, maybe a different dough would do better. And finally, maybe if I had read the pinterest instead of just assuming it would cook similarly to the cake waffle.

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  1. I made chili tonight & am now wondering if cornbread waffles are do-able. Wish I had a waffle iron to try it. Haha.

    Ms. Z