Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And the winner is......Karbear!
She was the first to comment and her number came up here. Thank all so much for supporting my blog and me! I was hoping for a larger turnout of people, but I am excited that those around me have been so supportive of me efforts and I really appreciate it.

Now the challenge is I have a tie for my winning pin. The DIY nail polish had 1 vote, the Tomato Basil Soup had 1 vote, the Pecans had 4, and the cutting the bottle had 4. I tried to get a tie-breaking vote at the last minute but alas is was not meant to be.

So the only fair way to solve this problem is to not solve it and do both. Or I could try to cook the pecans in the bottle while I'm attempting to cut it (on second thought that's probably a bad idea). I am off to the store to pick up my needed supplies for both assignments (I am going to wait until my husband gets home to attempt the bottle one, I need someone who can work a fire extinguisher). My posts should be up later this evening so check back later.

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