Wednesday, February 25, 2015

These Are My Confessions...

I have Usher crooning in my head as I type this (early 2000's musical reference), I just felt like I needed to get some stuff off my conscience to quite possibly get me kicked out of my funk.

#1- I am unabashedly uninspired right now
     I was iced into my house for 2 days with plenty of time to write up a blog post but I instead spent all of my free time compulsively checking social media, cooking, and wasting time on Pinterest. I just didn't feel like I had anything to share worth reading (I might still not, that is yet to be seen.) I'm not sure if this is a late winter funk or what but I just don't feel quality ideas flowing out of me right now.

#2- My funk may be based on a lack of weightlifting
     I haven't been able to go to the gym since Saturday and I feel it in my body and my mood. For someone who loathed working out a few years ago it is surprising how a few days off sends me spiralling. Between the weather and the husband's work I haven't had time to fit it in, and I am not a workout at home person. I miss my weight bench, my ab ball, and fighting all the other gym chicks for the 15 pound dumbbells. #gymgirlproblems

#3- Ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to food ingredients
    I finished the book An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan this weekend (would have been totally read Tuesday if I had actually felt like writing) and my mind was blown. I just can't get passed the amount of crap that is put into processed food products. Unnecessary chemicals, food dyes, fillers, it makes you angry that all that junk has been allowed to be put into the food we all eat. I can't look at a food product now without reading labels and it's insane the ingredient list on supposedly simple foods. I made a loaf of bread this weekend that had 6 ingredients if you count water as one (flour, sugar, olive oil, yeast, salt, water), now go look at the bread in your house and start counting ingredients, pretty sure there are more than 15 in most store bread. Knowledge is power, but when you feed 3 other people it makes it a struggle to choose between easy and healthy. I now have that struggle with every food I buy because I don't have full family buy in.

#4- I've eaten a lot of graham cracker crumbs
    I made a batch of homemade graham crackers this weekend during the beginning of IceMageddon 2015. The results were ugly but tasty. I want to make them again but the recipe needs adjusted to make the batter less crumbly. I took the bits and crumbs and baked them with the intention of using them for a graham cracker crust at some point, however I have eaten half of the container one handful at a time for the last 2 days. They are delicious, like the best part of granola without all the healthy oats. I proudly haven't gone back to the pantry since I started typing so I guess that is progress.

#5 I spent two days food prepping and then made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner
   I made a wide array of food stuffs the past three days (bread, carrot applesauce muffins, applesauce, garlic butter, muffin tin omelette's, plus lots of veggie chopping). I have done what feels like dozens of loads of dishes, and when dinner time came around last night I was just done. I didn't want to cook anything remotely dinner like, for the first time in days I didn't want to be in the kitchen at all. I cut some slices of the bread I made, and made all of us some PB&J with a side of sliced apple and called it a night.

So my confessions are trivial and first world at their best, but I feel slightly better now that I've written them down. Thanks for reading, here's a photo dump of the last 2 weeks just to catch you up on what has been going down while my funk has been not so uptown (2015 musical reference).
Mommy/Daughter comparison shot

Valentine's Day goodies for the kids and their teachers

Little man at the downtown library, be still my librarian heart
Made this on Canva for my friends (you're welcome for the eye candy)

Maroon 5 concert at the AAC (My 8th concert and just as amazing as ever)

My Fat Tuesday spread at Terra in Fort Worth

Nerdy librarian in full effect

Thinking of starting a GoFundMe to buy E this bed

1 year apart, same cheese

The aforementioned graham crackers

Ice day art project with oil based Sharpie

The guilty face of a dog who abandoned me after all the popcorn was gone

The first Texas snow of 2015

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  1. I want another cookerday with you. Or crafterday. Or both. :D
    My confession? I made a big thing of chicken and veggie soup. Ate it for a day and the next day when I finally got out ... had dinner at In n Out. After being stuck inside for so long I felt like I had to get something from outside of the house. lol

    ps - you're still doing great and you look amazing!