Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Challenge:

   So this idea started a few weeks ago when I was at a book signing for my favorite author Jennifer Lancaster. For those of you who don't know, Jennifer Lancaster is a hilarious memorist from Chicago who writes about her life and most recently about her attempts to change and improve her life (Amazon search Such a Pretty Fat, My Fair Lazy, and Jenneration X). Jennifer's current work in progress is spending a year under the tutelage of the great Martha Stewart (at least her great cookbooks, craft guides, and all other Martha publications). I was inspired by this idea and although I would love to Martha Stewart my life, I am a working mom living in an apartment so I thought that might be aiming a bit to high. However I (and many of my closest friends) have become addicted to Pinterest. I have lost hours of my life pinning recipes, ensembles, craft ideas, etc. but for the most part have only semi-successfully recreated the items I have pinned. With summer vacation coming up and my continued efforts to improve myself, I thought why not improve myself by making the things I already have hanging around on my 12 Pinterest pinboards.

   I have created this blog to share my successes (and I can only assume failures) with all my friends (and any other random folks who want to lurk as well). My goal is to do/create/cook/try at least 3 Pinterest ideas a week and create a blog post giving the thumbs up or down and most likely some embarrassing photos along the way. My first Pinterest challenge is a Cinnamon Sugar Banana Bread. However, this recipe a slight cheat since I have already successfully made this DELICIOUS banana bread before, however because it is so good and I had bananas perfectly ripened I had to go for it. The bread is in the oven and I will post the recipe and pictures shortly. I haven't chosen my other 2 Pinterest ideas of the week but I'm sure I'll find inspiration tonight.

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